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Ultra Heated Snow Gloves

Ultra Heated Snow Gloves

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Noted:S173-1 is the USB Charge heat gloves;

  16410002 , 16410001 included two pcs 4000Mah battery gloves inside.


Product detail

1.Gloves type:thick gloves
2.Material: nylon + cotton (gloves)
3.Heating Temperature: Adjustable from 40°C- 65°C/ 105°F - 145°F
4.Suitable environment temperature:-30°C to 0°C
5.Working time: depend onenvironment temperature and heating level
6.Battery material: polymer lithium battery (small volume, safe and explosion-proof)
7. Warming time: about 1.5-4 hours constant temperature warming (depending on the ambient temperature environment)


Breathable fabric, strong durable, strong anti-tear., perfect for any outdoor, cold weather activity.
Battery powered Composite fiber heating wire element, optimally placed in the hand for quick warm-up and even distribution of heat across the hand and fingers.
Built-in pocket design on the wrist, place the battery case.
Touch screen finger design, sensitive for touch your phone.
Ultra-fine fleece liner, feel super comfortable, warm to achieve better results.
Left and right hooks to connect, easy to use and carry.
Suitable for outdoor skiing, cycling, motorcycle, snowmobiling, and by those people who work outdoors, and by those people who suffering from the cold winter.


2 Heated Glove liner
2 lithium-ion 5V 4000mAh rechargeable battteries
1 Data line
1 Package Box
1 Instruction manual

Smart electri heated gloves

Fingertip touch screen / fast heat-up / waterproof liner

Product information

Gloves size & measurement

3-Step adjustment 5V low voltage

single machine switching, easy to operate

Thicker and warmer

Triple fabric+heating locks in the temperature

Bendable and tensile

Composite fiber heat emitters

Surround area heating

Large area heating and fingertip warmth

Hidden battery compartment

Lightweight and hands-free,quick to install

Built in mobile power

No longer tied to wired power

Fleece lining skin-friendly warmth

Softly-friendly warmth

Longer without leaks

Extended wrist guard

Finger touch design

Sensitive conductive leather at thumb and forefinger

Combination clips

2 pieces lithium battery 4000mAh

Note:the first charge takes 12 hours and thereafter about 5-6 hours

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